Administrative forms are required for organizations reports and service requests. Please make the necessary copies needed for your organization.


Check/Transfer Request

This form is used to request checks for reimbursements or purchases related to activities and events in the church. This form is also used for transfers between organization and the central treasury.
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Official Board Report

This form is submitted monthly and is reported to the Official Board. If there is no meeting scheduled during the month, reports should be turned in to the administrative office.
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Quarterly Conference Report

Use this form for quarterly meetings. (Generally every three months).
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Announcement Request Form

This form must be submitted when requesting an announcement or flyer to be placed in the bulletin. The deadline for submission is Tuesday 3:00 p.m. Sunday announcements must be approved by the pastor.
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Event Planning Form

This form is used when organizations plan to use the church or grounds for events and activities.
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Central Treasury Deposit Sheet

This form is used when organizations are depositing monies to the central treasury.
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