On Saturday, November 22, 2014, the officers and members of Grant African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church Los Angeles unanimously voted to commend and support the candidacy of the Reverend Dr. J. Arthur Rumph, pastor, as he offers himself for episcopal service in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The unanimous vote was taken during a church conference, which is a meeting of the members and minister for the consideration and transaction of local church business.

The members are excited to celebrate the candidacy of Pastor Rumph and the upcoming bicentennial of the General Conference.  The election for bishop will take place at the 50th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference in July 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the historic birthplace of the AME Church.

Pastor Rumph stands firmly on the foundation of the AME church and is committed to continue the legacy by working to “UPGRADE” the work of the church.  Following is information on his desire to ‘upgrade’ the church through episcopal service.

“Upgrade – I believe that every local church in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church can perform at significantly higher levels.  This requires clergy and laity working together to provide strong, sober, visionary leadership centered upon the five marks of the AME Church:  discipline, itinerancy, connectionalism, catholicity, and history.

“The first mark of a Methodist is discipline.  No motif in the Wesleyan tradition has been more constant than the link between Christian doctrine and Christian living.  Age demographics in the church must have a class leader, belong to a class and band to become disciples for Christ.  This will renew our evangelical witness and replenish our church membership.

“The second mark of Methodists is itinerancy.  It is characterized by the practice of bishops in the first century church sending forth ministers to proclaim Jesus Christ to the world.  Preachers are developed and sent to places for the purpose of making disciples, baptizing believers, establishing congregations, and edifying the saints.  The Episcopacy is the guiding force behind the itinerancy.

“Connectionalism is the third mark of Methodists.  The covenantal association of preachers committed to a united mission to spread scriptural holiness.  This represents the global nature of the church.  The early church members gave money to support the church’s work of mission.

“Catholicity, the fourth mark, is the ecumenical idea being one church of God.  It is the eschatological hope and work for the global unity of believers and religious societies in Jesus Christ.  The eschaton when all things are made one.  Affirming that the Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

“Our history is the fifth mark distinguishing AMEs from all other Methodist.  Our development as a denomination can through resistance to religious oppression.  Much of our church’s growth and development can be attributed to our zeal to meet the needs of our people.”

Watch for the official launch of Pastor Rumph’s campaign for episcopal service.