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May 23, 2020

Rev. Noella Austin Buchanan, (Ret) 
Prayer for the Week of April 27, 2020
Heavenly Father,
We come to You knowing we are still being blessed. We are covered by Your hand of mercy and Your faithfulness towards us at this time. As believers we know that while we are going through this period, we are covered by Your loving care on our behalf. You have given us Your Word, and it has the power to strengthen us. Your Word is our Shield of safety because, it reminds us that You are near. It also has the power to place a hedge of protection over our sanity. You are our Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and Your Word helps us to continue to trust You even when we may be somewhat fearful. O Lord, we are reminded in our hearts, that You do all things well and You are aware of our numbered days. Help us to be strong and not to be overly consumed by our immediate circumstances but to know that all we need, is to hold on to the spiritual fruit You are developing in our lives. Because of Your Word in us we will remain faithful by trusting in You.
Rev. Noella Austin Buchanan, (Ret) 

Rev. Noella Austin Buchanan, (Ret) 
We come to YOU knowing that there is nowhere else to go, but to YOU in prayer. We, YOUR children are trusting in the abundance of YOUR love towards us.  Almighty and Everlasting, this is not the time for flowery words, but words from the depths of our souls. We need YOUR hands of mercy and we need a Word that can only come from YOU. A Word that will fortify us to weather this storm and any anxiety we might be experiencing. Give us Words of assurance in order to provide us with the strength to face our new normal. Allow us to face this day with the knowledge, that it is only YOU that can give us the courage to stay strong.
LORD, as we seek YOUR face may we be reminded to once more ask, what is required of us, at this time? As we are called to ‘shelter In-Place’ let us take this time to be more intentional in prayer, meditation, and intercession, not just for ourselves but for others as well. GOD it is your steadfast love that allows for us to be cautious ‘by distancing’, but not to be fearful or to fret. Most Gracious and Loving LORD, we can only hold on to this promise YOU have given to sustain us; “LO, I AM with you always…”
Heavenly FATHER, we just give thanks to YOU, for helping us face the changes of our current situations and grant us peace as we trust in YOUR loving mercies. Thank YOU for allowing us to be confident in your hand of mercies in the midst of these trying days. We love YOU and are so thankful for knowing that we belong to YOU and that YOU will see us through. 
Yours in HIS Loving CareRev.
Noella Austin Buchanan (Ret)

Rev. Noella Austin Buchanan, (Ret) 
Dear LORD,
YOU who are the creator of us all and sustainer of those who have accepted Your gift of salvation from Your dear son, Jesus the Christ.  YOU who are the one that has given us the opportunity to come directly to YOU when we are hurting. LORD YOU know that Hurt comes in so many different venues and circumstances. There are days when each of us, cry out to YOU; LORD, how long? But what we can hold on to is Trust. Trust in Your mercy and grace. You promised in Your Word that YOU will never leave nor forsake us. Therefore, we come to YOU; requesting peace in the midst of our storms, directions in the midst of any deficiency, and belief when we lack confidence.We thank YOU LORD, for although we may not see the end, we are assured of Your precious hand upon every situation that we are facing. So, we just take this time to glorify Your awesomeness and caring Spirit over every area of our life. Amen 
In HIS ServiceRev.
Noella Austin Buchanan (Ret)

Rev. Richelle Smith 
Prayer of Encouragement 
Most Holy God,
We thank you for Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. We know you are The Most High God and you are in control. Psalm 91 says that if we abide within the shadow of your wings, if we find a secret place in you, you would shield us and protect us from all hurt harm and danger. We rest in you Lord.Grant us wisdom and patience as we look to navigate your will to your people.I pray that Lord that you guide us into all truth daily and that we continue not to be anxious for anything , but make request through prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving for your provision. Lord we know that if we walk in this way, we will find the peace that passes all understanding and that our hearts and minds will be guarded through your loving Son Jesus Christ our Lord. We trust you and we will continue to look to you , Lord as our Keeper and Sustainer. We love you and bless Your Holy name.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
Love and Peace,
Rev. Richelle Smith 
P.S. Always keep a song on your heart: “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand”