Daughters of Destiny

The Daughters of Destiny (DOD) is a program sponsored by the Women’s Missionary Society of the Southern California Conference. There are approximately six AME churches participating in the program.

The Daughters of Destiny is a biblical based program to help young women:

  • Build and maintain self-esteem
  • Promote healthy relationships (males and females as friends)
  • Promote self-worth and self-esteem
  • Seek and receive deliverance and healing of the past
  • Speak purpose into their lives

This year Grant had 9 young daughters complete the program. Their names are:

  • Kallie Dansby
  • Daeshania Earls
  • Destiny Frazier
  • Mykayla Holmes
  • Mikeona Johnson
  • Dionne Landry
  • Sa’Lima Martin
  • Amiya Rice
  • Alawna Sherouse

The DOD program at Grant began with a strong and leadership team that planned and delivered a powerful program for our daughters. The six weeks of instruction, during the summer, included hands on activities, interactive experiences, and guest presenters who brought a wealth of information to our daughters.

Additionally the leadership team provided experiences that brought life to the goals of the program. Yes, growing plants, making smoothies, and facials were augmented with discussions about overcoming the con-games of life, not worrying about what others may think, and loving themselves and God. Two of the regular activities in the meetings were to bring a woman of the Bible to life and the Girl Talk-Circle of Trust where confidential topics and concerns were discussed from a Christian perspective. When the Daughters completed the workshops they were introduced to the congregation at Grant AME Church. They then participated in the dedication ceremony held by the Women’s Missionary Society of Southern California Conference.

The next session of the Daughters of Destiny will begin in June 2015. Please watch the website and the church bulletin for the actual start date.