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When these drugs are taken by accident, you should be able to talk to someone immediately if you think you have taken anything. If you think you may have a seizure in the next few days then ask your physician to check your blood pressure, heart rate, diuretics (in the form of pills) or other such drugs. This should prevent a seizure. When an overdose is happening, seek immediate medical attention if necessary. The most commonly used Sativex can decrease pain while taking drugs. Users of the Sativex have a low blood pressure and are more willing to take a low dose of these drugs at the same time, as they won't have to endure the severe side effects of taking these drugs for six to 12 hours a day. Use of these drugs only if accompanied by medical help is highly recommended. Some people use Sativex to treat a medical condition including chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, diabetes, insomnia and anxiety. Nausea or vomiting may occur even before the dosage is made. Nausea during sleep may occur. This may cause a person to feel sleepy or lightheaded, especially if they are on the floor. Ecstasy non prescription

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