Kirkland Academy

The Kirkland Academy For Excellence (KAE) is the visionary dream of Mrs. Mary Kirkland, Supervisor of the 5th Episcopal District. The focus of The Kirkland Academy For Excellence (KAE) is to develop tutorial programs within every annual conference that will focus on mathematics, science, reading, writing, English, history, calculus, computer science, test taking/study skills and job preparation instruction for K-12 students.

The Mission

The mission of The Kirkland Academy For Excellence (KAE) is to provide a Christian environment in which to enhance and augment the education of young people within the AME churches and in the surrounding communities.

The Kirkland Academy For Excellence provides learning venues where young people receive academic and cognitive support. Each KAE provides evening and or Saturday tutorial services in mathematics, science, reading, writing, English, history, calculus, computer science, test-taking/study skills and job preparation. Subjects may vary from site to site.

The Kirkland Academy at Grant AME Church

The 2013-2014 Conference Year is the fifth full year of operation for The Kirkland Academy For Excellence (KAE) at Grant AME Church, Los Angeles. Our KAE program operates every Tuesday from 4:45 pm until 7:00 pm. Enrollment has continued to grow and our daily attendance is at an average of 25 students. We are fortunate to have sixteen volunteers who support the program. If would like more information please feel free to call Jacqueline Cochran at (310) 259-2174 or Lessie Thompson at (310) 429-6830.

4:30pm Arrival, Sign In, and Set Up
4:40pm Prayer
4:45pm-5:15pm Supper
5:00pm-5:15pm Brain Games and Activities
Group Work
5:15pm-6:50 Elementary Middle School High School
6:50pm Clean Up
7:00pm Announcements and Closing Prayer

Typical Schedule

The Elementary Program

The Elementary Program focuses on developing automaticity of mathematics facts, developing word families, reading classics, and meeting the goals of the newly adopted National Core Standards. Students were initially assessed in reading using the Frye Oral Reading Assessment. All students will be assessed again in June to determine growth in reading.

The Middle School Program

The Middle School Program focuses on preparation for Algebra through regular pre-algebra exercises and strategies. There is also a goal to provide on-going writing opportunities for this group. Peer brainstorming and editing are an integral part of the process. The Middle School students are also exposed to the newly adopted National Core Standards.

The High School Program

The High School Program drills down into the higher mathematics courses at the high school level. All of the students are in Algebra I, Algebra II, or Geometry. This group receives instruction in a variety of formats from individual help with homework, to mini-lessons on skills to fill gaps in learning.

Focus on Enriching the Brain with H.O.T.S.

This year we are focusing on developing Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S.). Every tutoring session begins with students involved in games and activities that challenge the students’ ability to reason, think, and problem –solve. Some of the games and activities that we use are, The Sets Game, The Spot It Game, Sudoku, Triangle Jumping Boards, and many other special created games.