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Arvis Jones has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from National University, a Doctorate degree in Sacred Music from Emmanuel Bible Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a Music Therapy Certificate from California State University, Long Beach. She is an accomplished pianist and has performed as a piano accompanist throughout the United States.

Arvis has directed many choirs but working with children and youth choirs is her passion. She has been the Youth Choir director at Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles for 31 years. In addition to working with choirs and as an accompanist, Arvis has worked with children and youth with dual diagnosis, the condition of suffering from a mental illness and a substance abuse problem. She has also practiced Music Therapy with seniors, stroke clients, Alzheimer patients and other diagnoses, not limited to but including, Cerebral Palsy, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Sickle Cell.


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Client Testimonial

She was one of the first African American Music Therapist employed by Arts & Services for the Disabled. Arvis was also the first Music Therapist at the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic, working with children and youth of all ages who have emotional and environmental problems where she developed a program to address the needs of children, youth and young adults from the ages of 2½ to 22 years. Arvis is currently the Assistant Director of a Grief and Loss program in Los Angeles, where she helps to provide a supportive environment for families who are experiencing some type of grief and loss. She is the founder of the Center’s Children’s Grief and Loss Choir.