Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church was established in 1906. The church was named Grant Chapel A.M.E. after the Right Reverend Abraham Grant, Presiding Bishop of the District at that time. The late Reverend S.E. Edwards started the church in a little one-room house on Manhattan Street (now 113th Street) in Los Angeles. As a result of great efforts and hard work, God provided a new church home at 114th Street and Compton Avenue. In 1923, the membership increased to several hundred. Property was purchased and a new building erected on 108th and Compton Avenue. In 1954, we moved to our current location, 10435 South Central Avenue, under the leadership of then Reverend Henry W. Murph.

With an excellent foundation established since 1906 and continuing by Pastors, Officers, and Laypersons, Grant is moving to greater fields of service. Grant continues to strengthen its presence as a change agent for empowerment and redemption in the Watts Community.

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